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“This book is an 11th hour wake-up call to the sleeping church! The author’s heart cry is that the anointing will break the yoke of sleepiness and lukewarmness in the body. The message should cause each reader to hunger and thirst with a great urgency to ALIGN in all areas of life, to the heart,  passion and mission of King Jesus!”    

Pastor Abraham Jeter Jr., Church of God Cleveland, Cleveland, Ohio


“Someone has said that ‘musically our world is out of tune, biologically it is ill and mathematically it is in error.’ Simply put, our world is out of Alignment. This book by Pastor Joe Glover addresses that reality and points a way back. Read it and get aligned.”

— Bishop Timothy J Clarke, First Church of God,  Columbus, Ohio


  “ALIGN is a game changer! This book challenges every believer to let go of their lower nature agendas and mindsets and embrace the mind and heart if the King that we may effectively establish His Kingdom in the earth. It is time the body of Christ ALIGN!”
                                                         —Apostle Michelle Trotter House of Jubilee Ministries, Cleveland, Ohio


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